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Kimchi Fried Rice

Sushi rice fried with vegetables, scrambled egg, chicken sausages and/or...
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Chicken Tonkatsu Spicy

Korean style Chicken Tonkatsu with carrots, chillies, potatoes in the gravy....
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Korean Jjapchae Noodles Gluten free Vegan

Korean sweet potato glass noodles marinated in traditional jjapchae sesame...

Bulgogi Bibimbap Gluten free

Gluten-free. Your choice of Korean BBQ marinated beef (halal), spicy chicken...
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Bulgogi on Rice (Deoppbap)

Bulgogi on Rice (Deoppbap) Gluten free

Enjoy beef bulgogi stir-fried topping on hot white steamed rice! Add some...
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Omelet Fried Rice

Comforting food anytime. Butter fried rice with garlic, onions, and seasoned...
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Gamjatang 감자탕

Gamjatang 감자탕 Spicy Gluten free

Spicy pork bone soup served with rice, kimchi and vegetable side dishe...
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Grilled Pork Tofu Veggie Bowl

Pan grilled pork, fried tofu stir-fried with fresh cabbage, carrot strips,...
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Spicy Korean Braised Chicken on Rice Spicy Gluten free

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Tofu Mushroom Veggie Stir Fry

Fried tofu, shitake/portobello and king mushrooms braised and stir-fried...